Weekend for Good
Volunteer Organization: Code for Good West Michigan
Client: Wedgwood Christian Services
Date: November 1st - 3rd, 2020
Wedgwood Christian Services is a West Michigan non-profit dedicated to supporting local children and families through residential care, counseling services, and community programs. Wedgwood's Manasseh Project is an outreach ministry focused on ending the sexual exploitation of young women and men in the area.
During this event, I supported my team during a full website redesign, working directly with the client representative to clarify the organization's story, tone and overall message. My work on the project was centered around the page content and how the information would be presented through the new design.

Initial Brainstorming on Manasseh Project's Content, Themes and Tone

Content Print-outs from the Manasseh Project Website Organized by Topic

Team Evaluation of New Manasseh Project Layout

Manasseh Project Mockup One

Manasseh Project Mockup Two

Workshop for Good
Volunteer Organization: Code for Good West Michigan
Client: 20 Liters
Date: August 17, 2020
20 Liters is a West Michigan non-profit organization focused on providing clean water solutions for vulnerable populations. Their initiatives utilize technology and training that fit the local context of those in need, aiming for simplicity and sustainability.
During this event, I worked with the client representative to create a visual draft for a new public dashboard to display the organization's stories and impact in a meaningful way. My draft was used as the foundation for the final product build-out during a later volunteer event.

20 Liters Dashboard Initial Mockup

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