My name is Erin D. Lilly and I'm here to support meaningful experiences in digital and offline spaces through empathy and perspective.
I'm a user experience researcher, designer and poet. My unconventional path has lead me into tech, but my passion will always be writing and storytelling, whether that means struggling through a personal narrative, exploring a user's personal motivations or drafting a client report. 
My goal? To use design theory and writing to craft an interactive narrative that connects with its audience like nothing before it.
If you're excited about the intersection between functional design and creative writing or just want to know more about how I decided to put together Information Technology and English...
you could check out my resume or you could send me a message.
[Fun fact: I was a finalist for the 2013 Academy of American Poets University and College Poetry Prize and was featured in Michigan's Best Emerging Poets (2017) and America's Emerging Poets 2018: Midwest Region].
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